Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Vacation Rental Cleaning

Hiring Vacation Rental Staff – How to Find the Right Cleaners, Inspectors and Maintenance People

Unless you run a very small mom-and-pop vacation rental outfit (like a single home) and can devote a great deal of time and energy to cleaning and maintenance, you’re likely going to need at least some staff to help you with your rental operation. You also would be wise to hire inspectors to make sure your property is up to the highest standards.

complaint of guests about vacation rentals is that their rental space hasn’t been clean on their arrival. These guests often don’t come back. It’s essential for the success of your vacation rental business that your units are sparkling clean for every customer. Unfortunately, you can’t count on it that every cleaning service you run across will provide great quality service at a good price.

Regarding cleaning methods, ask very specific questions looking for signs that the cleaners have an attention to detail. Ask also how many people they have on staff and their availability for regularly scheduled vs. quick turnaround service (for when guests stay for only a short time), and also whether they can do emergency service if unexpected cleaning needs suddenly come up. Finally, ask if they can do semi-annual deep cleaning where they wash curtains, steam-clean furniture and carpets, and the like – more serious cleaning.


It’s a very good idea to have professional inspectors periodically inspect your property to make sure your property doesn’t deteriorate significantly, costing you more money for repairs, and that the place is safe and sound for your customers.

The basic steps for finding good cleaners apply here: ask around regarding what inspectors’ other vacation rental businesses have used, get references and follow up on them, and conduct thorough interviews. Pricing is less of an issue because inspection fees don’t vary nearly as much as cleaning service prices.

Considering a Vacation Rental? Here’s What to Know Before You Travel

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic means that any venture away entails risk. That’s not something to be taken lightly, especially now that many states are reopening, and case numbers are expected to rise.

Even those avoiding air travel are still exposing themselves to situations inherently difficult to control: Beaches and hiking trails may be crowded, rooms may not be properly cleaned, and a destination could see a sudden spike in infections.

To regain some of that control, many may prefer a rental property, rather than a hotel room this summer, since it can provide more space and separation from other vacationers.

Also worth considering is how a stay in a rental property can benefit small business owners whose livelihood depends on bookings, as well as local restaurants and grocery stores. In a study of nearly 400 rental businesses from property management platform Guesty, nearly all respondents suffered revenue loss in the first quarter of 2020, compared to the same time last year—and that’s just through March. (The second quarter will close at the end of June.) Airbnb has said its revenue could drop by 50% this year.

“Vacations and trips are meant to be a break from your routine, and there has been nothing more routine than the last few months,” says

Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Rental Checklist

Kitchen appliances and equipment (coffee maker, microwave

Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes

Empty and clean dishwasher

Empty Inside Trash and recycling and Place in Outside Bins

Fridge Cleaning

Stove Cleaning

Wipe Countertops

Remove garbage and clean all garbage cans

Check coffee filters, dish soap, detergent, hands soap and garbage bags etc)

Clean windows, mirrors and doors for finger prints and dust.

Clean dish cloths, tea towels, pot holders and sponges

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Vacuum Carpet,Rugs, sofa and under cushions

Dust furniture, mantels, vents, A/C, ceiling fans and shelves

Check TV remote for batteries

Laundry: Wash linens and towels

Make bed with fresh linens and pillow cases

Check all closets and dresser drawers and bedside tables for personal items left behind

Vacuum and Mop Floors

Clean and sanitize toilets, sinks, walls faucets, shower and bath tubs

Check drains

Replace toilet brush and flappers when needed

Provide clean towels and face cloths

Clean mirrors


Empty Inside Trash and recycling and Place in Outside Bins

Clean BBQ

Wipe patio furniture down

Do I need to supply my own products?

bring cleaning supplies.  If you have special requirements please let us know and we will accommodate you. clean with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Do I need to be home?

No.  It is an amazing pleasure to return to a clean, tidy, peaceful home. Feel free to run your errands or do your work. love to see your smile when you return!


Back in the old days, if you went on vacation somewhere, you had three options for where you would stay. You could either check into a hotel or motel, stay with friends or family, or rough it by camping. But in the last few years, things have changed with the rise of vacation rentals and services

There were benefits on both sides. If you were a traveler, you didn’t have to worry about checking into a motel with no character or a wildly expensive hotel. Instead, you could stay somewhere unique, somewhere that felt less impersonal and more like a home away from home. If you owned a home, you could convert it into a vacation property. This would create a potentially lucrative revenue stream, and it could pay for the upkeep of a second home along with a tidy profit.

That’s the good news, but the fact is, if you’re going to rent out a vacation home to visitors, you need to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned after they leave so that the next guests don’t recoil in terror

licensed and insured team understand that your guests deserve a good first impression. got the expertise, high standards, and attention to detail to make your rental sparkling clean


With the coronavirus crisis reaching its peak, you may be experiencing an understandable lull in guests at your vacation rental home. As with any crisis, this too shall pass, and you will again see an influx of visitors and rental income to your home. In the meantime, now may be the perfect opportunity to do a deep clean and refresh your home— or even do some small renovations.

Remove humidity.

A healthy amount of humidity in the air is beneficial, but too much humidity can lead to mold growth and virus transmission. Aim to keep the humidity levels in your vacation rental home at or below 50 percent. This can help reduce mold growth, dust, and common annoying allergens. An inexpensive dehumidifier can easily manage humidity levels indoors.

Clean— and maybe update— the floors.

Dust and allergens make their way into our homes via our shoes. Invest in a high-end vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to help eliminate dust from your floors and keep your vacation rental home clean. Encourage guests to remove their shoes when staying in your rental.

Clear the air.

An in-home air purification system can help reduce the severity of allergy systems for your guests. These systems can help reduce the number of dust mites and pollen in the air, as well as help keep other surfaces clean. Airtight windows and doors. If air can blow in around windows and doors, then so can dust. Make sure seals around doors and windows are airtight. (Bonus: this will also help with energy efficiency!)

Allergy-proof the bedding.

Not only are we dealing with Covid-19, but we are also experiencing record pollen levels this year. Hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers can keep dust and debris out. Now is the ideal time to rotate mattresses, sanitize existing mattresses and pillow covers or buy new ones, or even invest in all new mattresses and pillows.