How Deep Cleaning Enhances Property Value

Deep Cleaning Services

If you want your place to look like new, deep cleaning is the answer. Professionals provide deep cleaning services for clients who want to disinfect and remove all traces of dirt and bacteria in their home or office. There is a difference between deep cleaning and general cleaning. Doing a deep clean is much more thorough and meticulous than doing a general clean. If you want to know how to do a thorough cleaning, keep reading to get some helpful tips to acquaint you with this process.

What is Deep Cleaning?

As discussed above, deep cleaning means sparing no dirt or bacteria while you wipe over all surfaces of your space. Deep cleaning gets rid of all the eyesores in your space like mould, grime, stains and stubborn buildup.

You can also get rid of harmful bacteria when you perform a deep cleaning. Here are some additional benefits:

You get better air quality.

It creates a less stressful environment.

It increases your property value.

You can declutter your space.

How Often Should You Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning may have a lot of benefits, but it’s not something you should do on a daily basis. You can clean with such a high intensity two to three times a year. The most common reasons for putting this extra effort into cleaning include:

Holidays and special occasions.

A special date or visitor.

Preparing the property for viewing when selling it.

Deep clean the house before moving to a new property.

Cleaning up before and after a huge party.

To prepare for a new season, like springtime.

DIY Spring Cleaning Tool Kit

Many people prefer to hire a professional cleaning service. But if professional cleaning is out of the question; you need to prepare all your cleaning supplies first. Materials you’ll need for your one off-house cleaning are as follows:

Bucket, dish soap and warm water

Vacuum and mop

Rags, microfiber cloths and scrubbing sponges

Toilet and grout brushes

Extendable Duster and lint roller

Oven, stainless steel, glass and all-purpose cleaner

Baking Soda, vinegar and lemons

Tile and grout cleaner


Home Chores Every Wife Wishes Her Husband Would Take Care Of

She will love it more than the pretty diamonds and expensive dinners if you share the house cleaning time and everyday chores. At this time and age when both the husband and wife have so many outside commitments, taking care of a house is no longer a woman’s job and it certainly shouldn’t be so. Since both of you are equally invested in turning the bricks and walls into a home, keeping the home neat and clean should be a shared project too. Plus when you are working together for the daily housework, the time required for the job is reduced by half and after all the work you two can find some extra time for play too if you know what I mean.

Making beds in the morning

It’s the first task of the day and a quite important one, because nobody likes to come home to after a long, hard day to a rumpled bed. The woman has other household chores to perform every morning before she leaves for work or puts on the ‘Mom on duty’ cloak. So if the husband takes care of the simple task of making the bed every morning, a big part of her morning duties is reduced.

Deep clean the house

Because cleanliness is next to godliness, husbands. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep the house squeaky clean. We still make peace with the fact the husbands don’t do the regular dusting and cleaning but helping us maintain the basic cleanliness and participating in the monthly deep cleaning of the house makes our housework load a lot less and our love for you a lot more!

When it is time for packing and moving

Join in proactively with the planning and implementation of the huge task of packing and moving would be nice.  A little genuine interest and enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt anyone and hey! it’s your home too!

Stop complaining about the dust balls living in the AC!

Even though it doesn’t count as a daily chore, cleaning the debris from the AC is a draining task and it would be nice if the husbands put it on their list.

Spring Cleaning Guide: How to Spring Clean Your Whole House

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition with deep cultural, religious, and historical roots. Whether you and your household personally subscribe to the beliefs and practices that underpin this centuries-old tradition, your drive to spring clean taps into a time-tested, passed-down custom.

Spring cleaning also ties back to the history of keeping winter houses warm and lit with fires and kerosene. These methods filled houses with soot and grime that was an inevitability as people stayed shut in against the cold winter, but that eventually (needless to say) had to be cleaned. Warm weather and longer days meant being able to stop generating all that soot and that windows could be opened to air out the house as residents scrubbed all that literal darkness away.

These days, the practice of spring cleaning is so ingrained in our heritage that even if we don’t follow the practice because of a long winter of burning coal, we feel that pull to throw open our windows and remove all the long-settled dust and dirt from our home environments. As we welcome warmer days and the golden rays of sun that tease buds from barren branches, we want a new start, too. Spring cleaning gives it to us.

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

Spring cleaning is a chance to reset everything in your home. It’s a chance to catch up on all the cleaning tasks you’ve been meaning to get to or to do the ones that niggle at you. Instead of laying awake wondering when you last cleaned your mattress, for instance, spring cleaning is the nudge you need to get it done and get the idea out of your head. In addition, deep cleaning once a year staves off bigger problems, like a mold takeover of your grout. You can clear dust and grime from areas that hardly ever see the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner attachment. By the time spring cleaning is finished, your home will feel so fresh and clean—a state of habitation that will serve you well, both in mind and body.

Spring cleaning is also a good opportunity to make sure that certain maintenance chores that only need to be done once or a few times a year get checked off the list. When these types of tasks are tied to spring cleaning, it’s more likely you remember to do them. Some of these tasks make a big difference in the longevity, usefulness, and look of your home, such as polishing and sealing granite. Others, such as cleaning out your dryer, are a safety issue.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Music Collectors – A Guide to Deep-Cleaning Vinyl Records

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home. If you want to keep your vinyl records in flawless working condition, you’ll want to give them the VIP cleaning treatment as well. If you can’t remember the last time you removed the dust and dirt from your favorite record (or your favorite Panic! at the Disco record, if that’s more your style), now is the time to break out the cleaning supplies. Luckily, deep-cleaning vinyl records is easy and takes very little time, and it can keep your favorite LPs spinning flawlessly for years to come.

Remove the Dust and Static

Before we get into the finer points of deep-cleaning vinyl records, we need to remove the surface dust and debris. Some people make the mistake of using washcloths or even paper towels, but if you’re not careful, these items can scratch the surface of the record, leaving you with a much bigger problem on your hands.

To safely complete this step, you can use an anti-static vinyl record brush that removes dust on contact. Just place the brush gently across the surface of the record and allow the turntable to spin a few times.

Apply a Record-Cleaning Solution

Maintaining vinyl records to perfection requires more than just a dusting. Over time, vinyl collects fingerprints, dirt, oils, and an assortment of mystery smudges. These blemishes can impact the performance of your vinyl, so it’s important to get rid of them on a regular basis. This will require a vinyl cleaning solution.

Some people spot-clean their records using their cleanser of choice. There are a few problems with this approach. First, it doesn’t provide a thorough cleaning, as some blemishes are hard to see. More importantly, it exposes the vinyl to excess moisture, which can cause long-term damage.

The Ultimate House-Cleaning Guide

Many of us consider cleaning the house to be a tedious and unwelcome chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you plan ahead and perform routine maintenance, your house can be camera-ready any day of the year. More than that, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from living in a tidy, well-maintained space. With the help of this comprehensive guide, your home will be spick-and-span

A Step-By-Step Guide To House-Cleaning

No matter what the task, you’ll find it more manageable if you start with a good plan. House cleaning is no exception—in fact, a plan can motivate you to do an even more thorough job. And every plan should begin with a detailed list. Here’s our contribution.

Determine How Much Time You Have.

Many people think they need to devote an entire day to cleaning the house. That’s not true, especially if you follow the advice detailed in “How to Maintain a Clean Home,” below. That said, you’ll probably need to block out a few hours if you want to do a thorough job. If you don’t have that kind of time, that’s okay—just focus on the areas that concern you the most. For your convenience, we’ve also included a section labeled “Tips on Fast, Easy Cleaning,” located near the bottom of this article.

Look At The Big Picture.

If you do have time to perform a thorough cleaning, don’t be tempted to section off different areas of the house. You might be tempted to call it a day after just a couple of rooms. Instead, focus on one task at a time, going through the entire house before starting on a different track. This will give you more exercise and variety, and help to keep you motivated.

Make A Checklist.

Your list will give you something to turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. We’ve devoted an entire section to this in “Your Cleaning Checklist,” below.